Quiz Time: What Type Of Jewelry Are You?

1) A long-distance relationship…

  1. Doesn’t really work. Out of sight is out of mind.
  2. Is difficult, but can make your bond stronger.
  3. Can be fun, and you get to explore new traits of each other.

2) The most beautiful jewelry you have was gifted by

  1. A gift by me to myself
  2. My significant other. It’s the most valuable piece that I own.
  3. BFF, because great minds have great choices!

3) Best time to shop

  1. The sale time, of course.
  2. During the ‘special’ occasions of life.
  3. When you’re in the mood; no reason needed.

4) One of your favorite earring goes missing, what happens to the other one?

  1. It goes out of the window. What purpose will one earring serve?
  2. Well, it’s pretty. So I’ll just keep it somewhere safe.
  3. Team it up with something else, that’s how you set trends!

5) Do you think it’s ok to wear jewelry to the gym?

  1. No, jewelry can be a nuisance when you’re sweating it out.
  2. Yes, if it has sentimental value I’ll keep it on.
  3. If it makes me look extra nice, why not?

6) Which of the below styles will you pick?

  1. Stackable rings; less effort, more bling.
  2. Nature inspired jewelry, especially floral patterns.
  3. A pretty charm bracelet; who doesn’t need good luck in life?

7) Jewelry becomes special when it…

  1. Doesn’t drain your wallet.
  2. Is given by someone who cares for you.
  3. Can be customized to match your cool personality.



And the answers…

Mostly As: Earrings it is!

A practical and intelligent person like you needs to own more pairs of earrings. This type of jewelry is worn close to the head, which in a way represents what is going on inside. From what we gauge, it is filled with quit wit and a realistic side, which can be a great conversation starter. So go ahead and light up your face with a beautiful pair of earrings. Pssst… they’ll look even better when embellished with brilliant gems.

Mostly Bs: A beautiful necklace

You seem to be someone who’s blessed with a lot of love and gratitude. And that’s a great way to live life. Exude your happy, beautiful self with a necklace. This type of jewelry falls close to your heart and can be a wonderful representation of who you are. Play along with the length of the chain and different colored jewels to see which best complements your look of the day.

Mostly Cs: The playful bracelet

Everything in life need not be complicated, right? That’s the thing about you that everyone loves. You go with the flow and try to have fun along the way. We think if you were a type of jewelry, it would definitely be a bracelet. Since it is worn on the wrist, it becomes a constant part of your hand gestures, your high-fives and your dance steps. It’s a beautiful symbol of a free-spirited person, and you should definitely wear more of it!